Saturday, April 9, 2011

Outside Fun!

Wednesday's weather was so strange....sunny one minute, raining buckets the next, clear skies the next and then downright cold and windy. I'm ready for summer please!!! Our back deck is partially covered so the boys can play outside even if it's raining. Ella has been wanting to be wherever the boys are now so I put her shoes and coat on and let her go walk around the deck for the first time.

Our backyard is down quite a ways from our deck so it always scares me to let the kids out there when they are little. Thankfully Ella didn't venture over to the sides at all.

The boys were so happy to just be outside! Jack is such a cheeser for the camera...he just doesn't understand that he needs to stand back a bit. I was super surprised this photo even came out clear.

Running around....happy as can be!!!

Lately I'm not sure why, but I keep calling Owen - Jack and Jack - Owen. I've heard that before about families with lots of kids...the mom calls the kid every other name in the family included the pet before she finally gets around to the actual kids name. Now that I'm looking at these pictures I'm thinking it might be because I dress them like.

Ella has seen Owen through the sliding glass door playing in the sandbox for months. She finally got out there to get her hands dirty. She did try to eat the sand once and I told her it was yucky and then she didn't try again.

She wanted to sit in the sandbox so bad so I helped her get in and she just started playing away.

She loved transferring the sand from the truck to the bucket.

Owen and Ella have a lot of the same tendencies so the fact that they both were sitting the sandbox playing together and having a great time didn't really surprise me at all. They are like two peas in a pod when it comes to their personalities.

Ella loved looking through the window of the boat and she also like giving Mama kisses through it. Love kisses from my girl!