Thursday, April 7, 2011

Preggo Symptoms!

Seriously I'm a textbook pregnancy....if there is a symptom I'm gonna get it!

Nausea - Check

Exhaustion - Check

Excessive Peeing - Check

Dizziness - Check

Forgetfulness - Check

Backaches - Check

Moodiness - Double Check

Overactive Smeller - Check

Round Ligament Pain (Yes...they've already started bothering me this time around!) - Check

There are even some I get that I'm not sure if they are actual symptoms that other ladies get when they are pregnant, but I do. Like I can barely take a shower that is above lukewarm in temperature. For some reason when I'm pregnant I get all woozy if the water is too hot. Also my digestive system gets thrown for a whirl and acts all funny.

With that being said the one symptom I wish...wish...wish...I could get to go away above all the others is the vivid dreams! When I'm not pregnant I normally have silly dreams sometimes I remember them...sometimes I don't. When I'm pregnant, however, I have vivid dreams....stupid vivid dreams at that. Crazy, annoying, stupid dreams! I will seriously wake up from sleeping over 8 hours and feel completely exhausted after dreaming what feels like all-night-long! If I remember right this symptom got a little bit better after the first trimester with Ella so I hope that happens this time around because this Mama needs some rest!