Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'm still in shock that we get to do this again! We get to experience that newborn phase again and I'm so excited!!!

I told Michael and my parents that I'm SO looking forward to that time in the hospital. I love the bonding time that I've had with each of my babies. Since I have C-Sections I usually get to stay in the hospital for 3 days and it's so nice. Don't get me wrong by the time the 3 days are over I'm ready to go home and be in my own bed and be with the older kiddos, but it is a special time. I also love the visitors and getting to introduce the older kids to the new baby, but that time late at night when Daddy is sleeping on the pull out couch and I'm awake nursing and watching our newest baby and listening to those sweet sounds of cooing is the best! I also told Michael that I'm really looking forward to the food. Swedish has the BEST hospital food ever!!! I love ordering whatever I want..whenever I want and I totally take advantage of this perk while I'm there. This above plate was delivered to my room when Jack was born and I took a picture of it because of how big this strawberry seriously took up half the plate! At MOPS on Tuesday we were talking about labor and delivery (it pretty much comes up every time you are around other moms at moms groups) and this is something I'm NOT looking forward too. The C-Section is fine and I heal pretty fast, but the part that I don't like is how my body reacts to the medication. I usually shake for at least an hour afterwards...I'm not talking like I'm shaky, I'm talking uncontrollable teeth chattering shaking. Another side effect I have from the pain medication is that I pretty much want to itch my entire fast off and that's even after they give me Benedryl. Good times!
I'm also not really looking forward to getting so huge that I have flat bottom stomach! Oh's a long ways until October! ;) But at least I get to take home a cute bundle at the end!