Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Andrew's Botday!

On Saturday morning we went to Andrew's 3rd Birthday. Kim did a bunch of work being creative and crafty and it had a Robot theme. I love themes!

Since she's a Stampin' Up Demonstrator she has The Big Shot and that's how she cut out all the scalloped squares. It's the same thing I used for Ryan's Barbecue Booklet.  

Her mom and brother worked so hard on making this robot cake. It was so cool and so detailed. In fact I didn't even notice the #3 in the middle until I looked a the pictures later.

Even the food had a cute robot theme! Nuts & Bolts for the party mix...

and machine oil for the juice.

Owen was so happy that their cat Leo let him pet him. We've been talking about how to properly behave around animals and this is a big improvement for Owen. He just loves cats!

On a total fluke they ended up having a bounce house at the party....our church owns this and Kim's parents had it in the back of their van from their son borrowing it. What a hit with the kids!!!

This cute girl was not feeling well...she came down with the same bug that Owen had. Instead of throwing up those it's the other thing. 'Nuff said!

The birthday boy blowing out his candles! Happy 3rd Birthday Andrew!

Present time!

Picture of all the kids!

Another fun activity the kids got to do was make their own robot costume. Jack did a great job coloring his.

Owen wasn't interested in making one so I colored one for him using the shirt Andrew had on as a guide.

After the party we dropped Michael off at home so he could host Felt Table Fellowship at our house and then we headed down to Ga-Ga & Pa's house to celebrate his birthday. Thankfully Ella felt asleep in the car since she was not feeling good!