Friday, June 24, 2011

FlyLady - Day 23 & 24

Day 23 - Set Your Afternoon Routine

Time to get back to the Days of FlyLady! Since I've been catching up on my Control Journal this one just fell right into place. In doing the Steps of setting up my Control Journal I had already done this one. I really feel like the Afternoon Routine is more geared towards working woman or moms with kids that go to school. Other than getting the kids a snack and getting dinner ready that's my afternoon routine. With the kids napping I try not to make a lot of noise and I can't really do any decluttering upstairs since there are children sleeping in almost every room. I have done most of the decluttering downstairs that I need to do so now I need to mainly work upstairs. I have been trying to do that later on in the evening when Michael is home so he can keep the kids entertained for me and have some alone time with them.

Now with all this decluttering I'm trying to figure out if I should donate all the stuff I'm getting rid of or have a garage sale. FlyLady wants you to just get rid of it so it's out of your house and not cluttering up your garage, but it would be nice to make a few bucks. Although having a garage sale with 3 kids doesn't exactly sound like fun! We'll see!

Day 24 - Swish & Swipe

So again I got ahead of myself. I have been doing this for weeks. Like I've said before I Swish & Swipe the master bathroom every morning. Even though sometimes I just want to be done in the bathroom it really does make it worth it and it really does only take 2 minutes! Done! As for the half bath downstairs and the hall bath upstairs I take care of those two every Wednesday and Sunday.