Saturday, June 25, 2011

MOPS Play Date - Steel Lake Park

On Tuesday when Owen got sick we were planning on meeting up with our MOPS group at Steel Lake Park for a play date. I was super bummed that we weren't going to make it, but I knew it was better for Owen to stay home. I wasn't the only one that was excited...Jack really wanted to go. After Owen had a short nap on the couch he felt a little better and Jack asked him if he wanted to go to the park and Owen got all excited and said, "Yeah!" So off to the park we went.

The first day of summer sure was wonderful! It really was a day at the beach!

Aaron & Tricia and Dillon & Heather were there soaking up the sun!

Patti and her rocker son Caleb were also enjoying themselves!

Of course whenever you go someplace like this the kids never want to actually sit down and eat. I don't even know why I bring the food out. I should just wait until I get the food out on the way home when they are strapped in the car. That is inevitably when I hear, "Mom...I'm hungry!" Ella did enjoy a little bit of an apple, but then she dropped it in the sad!

Logan says, "Yo!"

Owen kept wanting to go to the play structure, but I wanted to hang out with the Moms a bit more so I encouraged him to go down to the water with his bucket, dig a hole in the sand and make his own lake.

The boys had so much fun going back and forth to the water and filling their buckets.

Nice lake buddy!

After the other Moms left I packed up our stuff and took the kids over to the play structure. There was balance beam walking...

belly sliding...

stair stepping...

and debris exploring. But....

when we got home it was back to this! Poor guy was not feeling well at all. In fact Owen was sick the rest of the week. Finally today he started feeling a bit better, but now Ella and Jack have a little bit of a tummy bug!


The Ames Family said...

Awww!! I miss my BPPC MOPS!!! And, as usual, hardly anybody came. LOL!!!