Saturday, June 25, 2011

Surprises For The Kiddos!

Last Saturday we went down to Ga-Ga & Pa's house to spend the day and the night. They had a few surprises to show the grandkids.

Pa said, "Let's go see what's in the backyard!"

Pa decided to use the garden box next to the truck sandbox as the foundation for the kids new playhouse.

Ella was loving it!

The kids have their own little clock inside there house.

A kitchen with a stove and a sink.

Also window boxes...although Jack think once of them is a mailbox.

Pa got this kit at Sam's Club just recently and it's just the cutest thing. There was supposed to be a bench that came out on the right side of the house, but since there wasn't room for that Pa used the wood instead to make a nice little step for Ella in the front.

After Pa got the door and the doorbell in place the kids had so much going in and out. The hinges on the door are the kind that you would imagine on an old farmhouse where the door slams back shut. It's so cool! Thankfully no fingers have been hurt...yet!

On Sunday morning after the boys got dressed they decided they should go out and cook fruit snacks and cookies on their stove.

Jack also gave Ella a crash course in how to wash your hands in the sink. See the shutters there...we played a game of 'Drive Thru' where I pretended I was driving buy order stuff. I would first ring the doorbell, give them my order and then pull forward to the shutter window where I would get my goods. It was fun!

Pa still isn't finished though...Ella is dancing on what will soon be the front porch with rails and all.