Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lunch Time!

Last Friday my friend and neighbor Rachael came over with her daughter Kendra to have lunch with us and then go for a walk. During all this decluttering I decided to go through my MOPS bag and found all my Mom Sense magazine. Some of them were from summer of 2010 so it was time to go through and recycle them. I found a couple cute snack time ideas and this was one of them. It's called a Sandwich Kabob. Rachael pulled the food off the skeewers for Kendra since it was a little hard for her, Owen didn't even eat a whole one, but Jack ate 5!!! Ella was taking a late morning nap since we had gone to Jack's Dr's appt that morning.  It was time consuming to make, but there were so cute! Of course I completely forgot to take pictures of the kids eating them and of our walk, but it was a nice visit...aside from a certain 4 year old crying and screaming (from hunger!) during most of the walk!