Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wipeout Has Nothing On THIS Big Ball!

On Saturday after Andrew's party the kids and I headed down to my parents house to spend the rest of the day with Pa since it was his birthday. Of course as things go when you get older even on your birthday the focus ends up being on the little ones. Pa did open a couple cards and had some birthday cookies, but it was definitely understated in comparison to last years birthday bash!

A couple months ago Ga-Ga & Pa bought this inflatable ball for the boys to play with. It has all these different sections that have to be blow up individually. It didn't really take that long, but it was a team effect since your arms get really tired. At one point there were 4 of us working on it.

I knew I had to be the first one in there so I dove right now. Now this really is for little kids, but it was big enough for me. There are two holes on either side to get in and out with and let me tell you if those weren't there my claustrophobic self would have been in trouble!!!

I had SO much fun with my kids playing around. This in and of itself is a miracle. I will probably right a whole post about the progress I've made since going to the doctor for my depression.

Then it was time for the boys. They both couldn't wait so they went in together. It wasn't the most comfortable thing since they kept mushing each other, but they were having a great time.

"Look Mama a hole!"

"I fell out of the hole!"

We all took turns pushing the kids. It wasn't bad when only one of them were in it, but it was pretty heavy when they both were. Ga-Ga & Pa have the best backyard for's level, big and there aren't any trees or anything to run in to.

Chillin' out!

Owen giving Jack a push!

Happy guys!

Mama's turn to push and take pictures at the same time!

Then Uncle Ry thought it would be fun to be Megamind! We all had a fun time playing with a new toy and acting like kids!