Sunday, June 26, 2011

Double Date!

The same Saturday the kiddos got see their playhouse Michael and I got to go on another date. If you're keeping track that's 2 dates in one week. That's a record for us! Our wonderful friends John & Tricia invited us to share in their Groupon purchase of wine tasting in Tacoma.

It was this awesome little cellar named 21 Cellars. We literally drove by it it's so small, but it was so cool! We got to stand in the cellar with all the barrels and taste 4 different wines....2 white and 2 reds.

I love the whites and only liked 1 of the reds. With that being said I am not a person that holds my liquor well and by the time I was done I really was feeling a bit dizzy. The wine tasting was before dinner so that probably didn't help much. After the tasting we used Tricia smart phone and found a neat little Italian restaurant in the area. They were quite busy so we ended up having to sit in the bar next to the open window (it was a bit chilly), but it was better than waiting until 7:30 for a table.

This picture is hilarious...right before I took it I said, "Okay guys show me the man love!" That's when John looked at Michael like what is your wife saying! Then he said out loud, "Okay you are cut off!" For the record I was drinking water!!! :) :)

It was so fun to spend time with good friends and be away from the kids enjoying a conversation without interuptions!