Sunday, June 26, 2011

FlyLady - Day 26

Day 26 - Look At The Bottom Of Any FlyLady Email!

When FlyLady sends out Testimonials or Missions there is the same statement at the end of each email. I've mentioned it before at the beginning of my FlyLady journey...

"You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?"

This statement has really helped me through this whole process. FlyLady isn't meant to change your life and your routines overnight. This is a slow change...habit by habit. This whole process is supposed to take months! Months before you have gotten completely in the swing of working in Zones and doing your Missions everyday. Months of decluttering your house. One of the things I've noticed is once you get your house declutter and an area working in its peak performance it's easier to clean...partially because you aren't really cleaning it your maintaining it!

So onto my messy shower! Because of the above statement I hadn't worried about my frig and then it came up as a Mission so I cleaned it. I was waiting to do that with my shower as well. That and the shower is the one thing I delegate to Michael to clean. First I'm as blind as a bat...seriously you'd have to stand 5 inches away from my face to not be blurry with my glasses off. So when I take a shower...sans glasses...I don't see all the yuckies until it's really yucky! Right before I started FlyLady I has asked Michael to clean the shower, but then I told him to hold off since we would get around to it and I was focused on so many new things during those first weeks. Long story short....please don't judge me by my yucky dirty shower! :)

Told you....Icky!!!

So in come the Purple Rags and Rubba Scrubba! On Friday morning Michael and I got up a little bit earlier than normal so we could shower and clean the shower at the same time. I gave Michael the Purple Rag and I used the Rubba Scrubba. We had no expectation that we were going to be able to clean it in one shower. We figured we would clean half of the shower one day and the other half the next. Let me tell you those products have totally lived up to their reputation. Even Michael was very skeptical about the Purple Rags and after he had used them for a few minutes he said, "Wow this rag really is good!" So have you guessed...we cleaned the whole shower in about 20 minutes! Seriously! No fumes...just a little elbow grease and I do mean a little. The tools did most of the work.

All Done!!! Oh my word....I have a clean shower! And now I'm not going to loath cleaning it the next time....granted it won't be that icky the next time! I promise!


WWSuzi said...

What a difference! You just gave me the push I need to go clean my tub :)